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Tracy King
A Look at Garvanza Real Estate
The small but historically significant neighborhood of Garvanza has been rediscovered because of the great number homes with character and charm. The historic Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Garvanza has been one of the area's hidden gems that has recently been discovered by a new generation of homebuyers. Like so many neighborhoods in and around Highland Park, Garvanza has been undergoing a renaissance and homes in Garvanza are being restored and property values are steadily increasing. Younger professional couples who have been priced out of hot markets like Silverlake and Eagle Rock are attracted to Garvanza for the sheer number of homes with charm and character that are routinely being put on the market. Many of these interesting homes are being bought up by buyers wanting to restore the homes to their original grandeur … while greatly increasing the value of their investment. Garvanza is bordered by to the west by Highland Park, from which it... (more)

VA -
Seashore Desire #71

Genre: Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance Release Date: 2014 Quality: 320 kbps Size: 605 MB Playtime: 04:06:51 min 01. Talla 2XLC vs. Robert Burian - Drums Of Ganesha (Original Mix) 02. Alex Wackii - Ode To Felix (Original Mix) 03. Chris Cockerill & Phil-Lee - Nobody Is Nobody (Darren Porter Remix) 04. Tenishia & Ruben De Ronde feat. Shannon Hurley - Love Survives (Big Room Mix) 05. Virtual Vault - Smash (Original Mix) 06. Abstract Vision, Elite Electronic, Aimoon - Galactic (Original Mix) 07. Almer - Kobalt (Original Mix) 08. Armin Van Buuren & W&W - D# Fat (Original Mix) 09. Bjorn Akesson - Gunsmoke (Original Mix) 10. Stonewave - The Last Time (Skydan Remix) 11. Tonny Nesse - 7th Wonder (Chris Metcalfe Remix) 12. Tritonal feat. Jeza - Can't Keep It In (Maor Levi's 'Starlight' Remix) 13. Walsh & Mcauley - Someday (Hazem Beltagui Remix) 14. Witness45 - Connected (Original Club Mix) 15. Aandy feat. Ellie - Last Night (John Blackwood Remix) 16. Aiera... (more)

Dark of the Moon
#FatLove I
Cuz love isn't only for pretty skinny people.

The young years
happy holiday mood
Happy National Guacamole day! This is the first time I actually have the right recipe for the right food holiday :) . I had a couple failed attempts before when I would look up the day and think I’ll make that! Then the day rolls around and I have nothing. This time I didn’t even look up the day, and I just happen to have a recipe for Guacamole already made, photographed and just waiting in the queue to make an appearance on the blog. Then I got an invitation to add food holidays to my calendar, and what do you know! Guacamole Day! It’s kind of weird I’m writing about Guacamole while listening to Christmas music… There is absolutely nothing Christmasy about Guacamole except it’s got green and red… I feel like I should be writing about ginger bread cookies and eggnog and watching it snows or something. I know I’m a bit early, but we don’t exactly have Thanksgiving music, otherwise I’d be blasting that right now. And since I just started doing my Christmas shopping... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, November 26, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, the US gears up to provide more weapons to Iraq, this despite the fact that the Iraqi military continues to bomb civilians in Falluja, and more. Victoria A. Brownworth (SheWired) offers: We are still at war in Afghanistan. Last week the Obama Administration quietly announced, to almost no media fanfare, that it was continuing that war, when it was supposed to be ending at the beginning of next year. President Obama is also sending more troops back into Iraq. This too was met with a shrug by Americans. Revving up America’s two longest wars has not spurred a single protest march in this country, but the failure of a grand jury to indict Darren Wilson on even the charge of involuntary manslaughter has brought thousands into the streets, from Ferguson itself to New York, LA, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston and beyond. Record numbers of tweets have gone out over... (more)

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